About Us

Indian Industrial Sources, launched in December 1985 as an industrial product news monthly magazine has now migrated from print to the digital media with the launch of indianindustrialsources.com..

The portal is designed for a very user friendly experience for both visitors who seek information and companies who post their product write-ups.

From visitors we do not ask any personal information and they have free access to the web site. Only when a visitor wishes to contact the product manufacturer we ask him for his contact details such as his Name, Company, E-mail and Phone number. We have also provided space for the enquirer to note his requirement, which is optional. After filling the form and when he clicks
 his information is sent to the manufacturer. It is now for the manufacturer to respond to the enquiry Indian Industrial Sources has generated.
Posting your product information on the portal is also very simple. Click  
on Home page. If you are already Registered, you can Login and start posting your write-up. If you are a first time user, you have to register first. Your E-mail id will be treated as your user name. This E-mail id will be used by indianindustrialsources.com to send you responses received for your product as well as updates and messages relating to your use of our services. The Password that you create is for login to indianindustrialsources.com. We do not ask you for your actual E-mail id password.
We are sure you will find indianindustrialsources.com rich in features. We allow you to post 4 photographs of the product, we offer you a link to your website or to a particular product page, we allow you to put your logo and above all we give you ample space to describe your product. 
If you should have any query or require any help in loading your Company’s profile and product information, do get in touch with us.

Our contact details:

Registered Address: One Source Media, J-26, RH-5, Sector-6, Vashi, New Mumbai 400 073, India
E-mail:                     1source.media@gmail.com 

Contact Person:        Deepak Sule
Mobile:                     +91-9820220056