Company Bry-Air

Compact Dehumidifier - FFB Series
Largest capacity range in Compacts - from 170 cmh to 2000 cmh (100 cfm to 1177 cfm). The Bry-Air FFB Series, 170 cmh through 2000 cmh (100 cfm to 1177 cfm) desiccant dehumidifier line is designed to integrate "small footprint and finish" of a commercial123

Desiccant Dehumidifier - FLi Series
Designed aesthetically the FLi series Bry-Air dehumidifiers can be packaged with * Pre filter * After Filter * Pre cooling (fresh air cooling) * Post cooling * Bypass arrangement . . . .123

"Enviroliner", as it is popularly known, is the ideal solution to Humidity related storage problems. It is a humidity controlled mobile housing for safe storage of small equipment like engines, gear boxes, small arms, ammunition, optics, ration, documen123

Flexible Barrier Storage Systems
Flexible Barrier Storage (FBS) Systems are employed and adopted by the Army, Navy and Air force all over the world for preservation of hardware equipment and storage of active-status material.123

Tray Dryers for Drying Seeds & Agro Products
The Bry-AirĀ® Seed Dryers and Seed Storage Systems dry and preserve seeds without affecting their quality.123

Desiccant Dehumidifier - FLB Series
The Bry Air Fluted Large Bed Dehumidifier FLB series is a one-stop source for total precise environmental control. Bry- Air can design, engineer and package the dehumidifier with123

EcoDry Desiccant Dehumidifier
The new, EcoDry Desiccant Dehumidifier breaks the glass ceiling of the current generation of dehumidification technology with its innovative BRYSMART EMS (Energy Management System).123

Desiccant Dehumidifier - FLi Jr. Series
The Bry-Air FLi ( Jr.) Desiccant Dehumidifier is your ultimate moisture removal partner. It is a totally self contained unit and is characterized by high efficiency and reliability.123

Hot Air Dryers
Ideal for drying non-hygroscopic resins, the Bry-Air EcoDry Hopper (Hot Air) Dryer is a compact and rugged hopper packaged with a blower, stainless steel tubular heaters and automatic temperature controller.123

Bry-Air Combo Dryer: The Perfect Solution for all Drying Needs
The Bry-Air Combo Honey Comb Resin Dryer packages a Honey Comb Resin Dryer (Dehumidified Dryer) along with a drying hopper and loader for primary & secondary as a compact unitary unit. The COMBO is tailor-made to suit the requirement of a plastics process123

Centralised Drying Systems
Bry-Air Centralised Drying System packages a Dehumidifying BHD Series dryer with option of two or three drying hoppers on a single stand.123

Honeycomb Resin Dryer
The generation next Bry Wheel rotor works on the principle of the Honeycomb technology which results in 25% more energy savings, 100% reliability and zero downtime. This ensures a much better control over dewpoint and temperature.123