Company Symtronics Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Diesel alternators are the main source of electric power on board ships. Automation for starting, stopping and protection of DAs is vital for uninterrupted provision of power for ships. Symtronics specializes in designing and installing application-specif123

Boiler Flame Monitors & Boiler Torch Igniter
Photo-electric flame sensing and automatic sequencing of Boiler starting operations. Hybrid electronic-mechanical portable Torch Ingiters for Steam Ships.123

List and Trim Indicator Systems for ships & submarines
The List and Trim Indicator Systems are used for indication of list and trim angles of the ship - especially for submarines. It provides local and remote indicators and dual analogue and digital display of trim and list angles.123

Advanced VME 64 based Diesel Monitoring System for Submarines
An advanced monitoring system for submarine application. The system, based on open architecture VME platform, is a fully computerized system which monitors the operation of four diesel engines and alternators and all auxiliary equipments on the sub. The s123

Compressor and Refrigeration Plant Control Panels
Control panels and systems for starting, stopping and monitoring of High Pressure Air compressors, with a variety of sequencing and protection features. Soft-starters and auto change-over between main and standby power supplies are built-in features. Inte123

Chilled Water Plant Power and Temperature Control Systems
28 KW DC-DC converter cum control system which powers and controls three compressors of the chilled water plant for the air conditioning system on board a ship.123

Micro-controller based  Propeller and engine Shaft speed systems from Symtronics
Specially designed systems for measurement and indication of rotational speed of the engines or propeller shafts. A variety of sensors-magnetic, hall-effect and photo-electric pick-ups, and micro-controller based indication and control electronics.123

Gas Turbine Generator Control Systems
Gas Turbine Generator Control Systems, Turbine Alternator Monitoring Systems or Ventilation controls from Symtronics Automation have features such as: Auto-sequencing and protection systems and panels incorporating Audio-visual annunciation and Auto-shut-123

Sensors and Transmitters
For pressure, Temperature, speed, level etc. Rugged, tested for harsh environments. Supplied with suitable pockets as well as calibration jigs.123

Smoke Density Indicators for Marine Boilers
Smoke Density Indicators offered by Symtronics are used for Optical sensing of smoke density across the smoke stack/funnel and remote indication with alarm functions. These indicators help improve boiler fuel efficiency and environmental control. These sy123