Company Godrej Security Solutions

Stilo Electronic Safe from Godrej
Stylised and equipped with LED display & USB data retrieval, the safe is ideal for protecting your valuables.


Privy - A top open safe from Godrej
A top open safe that is ideal for consumers who seek that extra bit of security for their valuables, and thus prefer hiding them within their beds or flooring. The top open safe, though ideal for hiding within the user’s flooring, can also be installed 123

Godrej Secreto - a drawer safe, hidden in the wardrobe
This safe is an ideal replacement for the drawer in your desks or wardrobes, and provides reliable protection to your valuables. This contemporary safe can be used as a drawer, hidden in the wardrobe.123

E-Laptop Pro - Electronic Safe from Godrej
Secures your laptops or gadgets and charges them too. This hi-tech home safe is equipped with an internal charging unit and LED lighting that allows viewing in the dark.123

Esquire - Electronic Safe from Godrej
A compact, secure and affordable option to your precious possessions. The safe can be opened only with a secret password and shuts down automatically after 3 consecutive wrong password entries. 123

E-Laptop - Electronic Safe from Godrej
A safe that secures your laptops, gadgets and charges them too. This hi-tech home safe is equipped with an internal charging unit and LED lighting, which allows viewing in the dark. This hi-tech home safe is equipped with an internal charging unit and LED123

Rhino Electronic from Godrej
Incredibly strong yet compact, Rhino safes can be easily accommodated in all residences. The electronic access system is also quick and easy, making this safe as secure as a bank.123

E-Bio safe locking system from Godrej
Using the latest technology, the E-Bio safe locking system ensures that your valuables are protected with the most intricate key design - your fingerprint.123

Safire - Electronic Safe from Godrej Certified and Listed at UL USA and SP Sweden
Safire fire-resisting safes have been designed keeping in mind the strength and frightening power of fire123

Forte - Electronic Safe from Godrej
Designed to compliment your beautiful interior, the safe also comes with a touch panel to make ultramodern security more convenient. The safe, equipped with motorised shooting bolts for added protection, comes with a sleek LCD display. A mechanical overri123

Portable CCTV Camera
This high tech CCTV camera helps you view and record events at your home/office, so that you can keep a watchful eye on your loved ones and valuables even when you are away.123

Solus - Video Door Phone
This video door phone comprises an indoor unit with a monitor and an outdoor unit with an inbuilt microphone and camera to identify and communicate with the visitor without having to open the door.123