APPLICATION: This unit is microprocessor based Tacho-meter with High low speed switch. This unit measures the speed of motor in RPM. It also gives two high speeds and two low speeds limit indications with relay output. The speed limit set by the users, using membrane keypad. It also keeps record of the highest speed achieved by the motor. To remove chattering of relay +/- 3RPM HYSTRICS is provided.

It Measure the Rotational speed, linear speed and machine cycles. The relay o/p is open when the speed is below the set point and closed when the speed is above the set point.
The changes over contact relay that could be used either for alarm or control, Purposes during the monitoring process. This is more convenient and more accurate than conventional means. It is equipped with analog signal output, which could be utilized for various display indications and far more precise control. It is ideal for applications in monitoring under & over speed stop in overload conditions.
  • Easily programmable from the front panel
  • Screw terminal connectors for easy installation
  • Remote Facility ( Optional)
  • High speed recording facility.
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