Model 9100 cross stack infrared, in-situ carbon monoxide monitors provide high accuracy and reliability, coupled with straightforward installation and setup and is suitable for a wide range of industrial combustion efficiency monitoring applications. This carbon monoxide monitor is designed to provide the operator with a fast response measurement, essential to the efficient combustion control of any boiler system.
Key Benefits
  • Direct continuous measurement of Carbon Monoxide
  • True representative measurement - reading averaged across entire duct
  • Improved combustion control and efficiency savings
  • Low running and maintenance cost
  • High reliability - robust design
  • Simple installation - advanced alignment features
  • Over 20 years of experience in carbon monoxide monitoring - 4th generation product
Company's Details


MARVEL ENGINEERING COMPANY founded in 1974 by professionally trained technocrats, has been serving the Indian Industry, with the primary objective of providing World-Class Instrumentation Systems and Associated Equipment for varying applications and the best matching Technical Know-How and guidance to facilitate Customers to derive the maximum benefit. These high-techs, State-Of-The-Art Devices provided by Marvel Engineering Company have been intended to enable Indian Customers to share the progress elsewhere, for stepping up productivity, eliminating downtime and mitigating pollution hazards, thus contributing to increased availability of products and ensuring a congenial, eco-friendly environment. With new allied lines added on over the years, Marvel Engineering Company, has grown in stature, and is considered as a reliable provider of Multi-Faceted Instrumentation Devices and accompanying Support Services, for demanding applications in different industries segments.

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