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Blister Packing Machine Model: 240 Plus
A.C. Variable frequency drive for speed control Conventional Blister Packing Machine suitable for PVC/ALU Provision for PACK TO PRINT
ACCURATE MACHINES - Waghodia - 391 760
Macofar VF 12 aseptic liquid filler
The Macofar VF 12 aseptic liquid filler conforms to the rigorous requirements of the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations for filling sterile pharmaceutical liquids or lyophilized products into vials.
Romaco Group - Karlsruhe
Noack N 623 blister packaging line
The Noack N 623 with platen sealing is a proven blister packaging line that is simple to operate and absolutely dependable. Several servo-driven QuickAdjust systems control the production process during the coding, perforation and die-cutting steps.
Romaco Group - Karlsruhe