CG offers SPDP Motors which include UD and FH Series High Voltage Induction Motors.

The Screen Protected Drip Proof (SPDP) are high quality motors in Squirrel Cage and slip ring types. These motors are suitable for all types of industrial drives, mills and pumps. In SPDP motors, the external air is sucked inside through a wire mesh screen by means of a shaft mounted fan. The air suctioned through the louvers traverse along the length of the motor and is expelled at the opposite end through a wire mesh screen.
UD series motors are manufactured in UDR, UDC and VUDC series. All these are continuously rated for S1 duty as per IS: 325 / IEC 60034-7 standards. These motors are suitable for 50 Hz, 3-phase supply. These motors are offered with IP 23 degree of protection. Thus adequate protection is provided against dripping liquids and falling objects as specified in IS: 4691 / IEC 34-5. The mounting dimensions are as per IS: 1231 / IEC-60072 standards.
FHC/FHA types are horizontal and foot mounted (IM B3, IEC34-7) machines, whereas FHCV/FHAV types are vertical and flange mounted (IM V1, IEC 34-7). These machines are totally enclosed with IP 23 type of protection complying with IEC 60034-5 standards.
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CG (Crompton Greaves Limited) Industrial Systems

As one of the world`s leading engineering corporations, CG provides end-to-end solutions, helping its customers use electrical power effectively and increase industrial productivity with sustainability. CG was established in 1937 in India; and, since then the Company has been a pioneer and has retained its leadership position in the management and application of electrical energy. Our unique and diverse portfolio ranges from transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, network protection & control gear, project engineering, HT and LT motors, drives, lighting, fans, pumps and consumer appliances and turnkey solutions in all these areas; thus enhancing the many aspects of industrial and personal life. This portfolio has been structured into 3 SBUs - Power Systems, Industrial Systems and Consumer Products. Since 2005, CG has embarked upon an ambitious globalization strategy, growing both organically and inorganically, drawing into its fold leading international companies such as Pauwels, Ganz, Microsol, Sonomatra, MSE and PTS. Consequent to this globalisation, CG now enjoys manufacturing bases in Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, France, UK and US, in addition to more than twenty manufacturing locations in India, employing more than 8000 employees worldwide with diverse nationalities and cultures. A worldwide marketing network of more than 150 representatives spans the globe, offering the entire range of CG’s products, solutions and services. CG has been aggressively investing in R&D, product certifications, product quality, productivity enhancement and operational excellence. CG`s Global R&D centre, located in India, has been recognised for its innovation and received the prestigious "National Award for the Best R&D Efforts" for its outstanding achievements in the Electrical Engineering Sector in 2008. CG`s R&D strategy aligns with the Company`s Global Vision, and focuses on creating platform technologies, shrinking product development cycle time and enhancing CG’s Intellectual Property capital. To unify our global focus, all CG facilities across the world have taken actions to ensure that customers receive consistent "One World Quality", for all CG products and solutions in all parts of the world. Thanks to its well structured and validated business model, CG is well positioned to provide its customers with technology-driven, value-added solutions, leveraging a broad product portfolio on the one hand, and enhancing the entire value-chain quality, delivery, and services on the other hand.

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